Valentine’s Day

4th Most Popular Contest Type!

While cutest couples contests can be run any time of year, they tend to be especially popular around Valentine’s Day.

Try to put a fun spin on your Valentine’s Day contest. Are you looking for the couple who looks best together? Who looks the most like each other? Who has the most adorable proposal story? Once you know who you are looking for, it will be easier to decide whether to run an essay contest or a photo submission contest.

For detailed case studies, webinar recordings and takeaways, and more, visit our Valentine’s Day Big Promotions Page:

Cutest Couple Photo Contest
Valentine’s Day is our 4th most popular contest type. To see the rest of the most popular contest types, check out our 30 Contest Ideas in 30 Minutes.

Photo Contest for CouplesKilleen Daily Herald
Killeen, Texas
Circulation 23,000

Cutest Couple Photo Contest

  • 103 Submissions
  • 742 Registered Users
  • 6,179 Votes

Cutest Couple Contest Case Study

Couple Photo Contest - WGNWGN-TV
Chicago, Illinois

2013 Cutest Couple Photo Contest

  • $10,000 in Revenue
  • 2,150 Submissions
  • 4.2 million Pageviews

Valentine's Day Contest Case Study

Couples Photo ContestWLMG-FM
New Orleans, Louisiana
DMA 52

Couples Photo Contest

  • 5-Figure Revenue
  • 217 Submissions
  • 385 Registered Users
  • 170,000 Votes

Ultimate Couple Contest

Valentine's Day ContestThe Statesboro Herald
Statesboro, Georgia
Circulation 8,500

Cutest Couple Contest

  • 54 Submissions
  • 611 Registered Users
  • 27,700 Votes

Hottest Couple Contest

Valentine's Day PromotionXL 106.7-FM
Santa Clarita, California
Circulation 9,500

Orlando’s Ultimate Couple

  • 919 Submissions
  • 1,775 Registered Users
  • 2,327,665 Votes

Photo Contest for Cute Couples

Valentine's Cute Couple PhotoWKLH-FM
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
DMA 34

Epic Valentine’s Day Failures

  • 2 Sponsors
  • 45 Submissions

Photo Contest for Beautiful Couple

Couple ContestPalm Beach Post
West Palm Beach, Florida
Circulation 143,221

Cutest Couple Photo Contest

  • $3,900 in Revenue
  • 6 Sponsors
  • 65,682 Pageviews
  • 137 Submissions
  • 1,244 Registered Users
  • 24,747 Votes

Couple Valentine's Day Photo Contest

Couple Cute Photo ContestThe Signal
Santa Clarita, California
Circulation 9,500

2013 Cutest Couple Contest

  • $2,000 in Revenue
  • 100 Submissions
  • 1,410 Registered Users
  • 70,000 Votes

Photo Contest Valentine's DayBellingham Herald
Bellingham, Washington
Circulation 16,750

Cutest Couple Contest

  • 130 Submissions
  • 848 Registered Users
  • 1,993 Votes

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