Why You Should Run a Big Game Football Contest [VIDEO]

Wrap up your football promotions with a contest that targets fans and non-fans alike

The pro-football Big Game is the biggest sporting event of the year, drawing in more than 114 million television viewers last year. Yes, million. Don’t miss out on this major revenue opportunity.

Running a Big Game Challenge is a great way to monetize the excitement around this huge spectator event. Whether or not someone is a committed football fan, they will get together with friends and family to watch this game. The potential reach of this promotion is immense.


In a mid-sized market, you could expect to charge between $2,500 for a title sponsorship or $1,000 for an integrated supporting sponsorship package. These sponsorship levels would include the sponsor’s logo placed on promotional materials, an email opt-in for the sponsor, and additional sponsor benefits.

The Monday after the teams have been determined, start heavily promoting your the contest with the following:

  • Run-of-Site Ads
  • Sliding Billboard & Expanding Pencil Ads
  • Traditional Media Ads or Promotional Spots
  • Video pre-roll
  • Twitter Updates

To encourage even more people to participate, offer a fun and valuable prize to the top picker. Here are a few ideas:

  • Grocery Store Gift Cards
  • Season Tickets for a Local Football Team
  • Big Box Retailer Gift Cards
  • Tailgating Supplies
  • Recliners
  • Grills
  • Sports Gear


Want more ideas to help you kickoff your planning for next year’s football season? Download our playbook How to Tackle Your Football Promotions filled with ideas on how to start planning, start promoting, and start driving more revenue with football.


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